Venting: Crazy-Making


There are times when the only thing that seems to work is just to “get it out”. It is for this reason that I’d like to continue my venting blogs on Monday’s. This is where I will encourage myself–and all of you, dear readers–to simply get things off of our chest. Perhaps we can use it as a space to clear our heads and share the lessons we have learned along the way.

This week, I will dedicate the post to all of the “crazy-makers” in our lives. You know the type. They are often brilliant, charming, intuitive and charismatic men and women who also happen to infuse your life with unnecessary drama.

Worse, many of them are quite gifted at taking over your life and/or business without your even realizing it. You think you have a confidante you can trust who is eager and quite capable of “fixing” things, when in actuality, you have someone who is creating chaos and discord in your life.

This was my experience.  After years of looking the other way, I recently made the decision to part ways with a major “crazy-maker” in my life. Though their behavior is quite clear to me now, I can safely say that I was blind to their madness. I simply did not realize how much chaos and discord they could evoke while appearing to be rational.

So, how do you know if you have a “crazy-maker” around you? They are easy to identify.

They love to create dramaespecially when there is no need for it. They spend your time and money with ease and hate to be on anyone’s schedule (aside from their own, of course).  They are addicted to chaos and whip situations into a frenzy whenever possible. Most importantly, they thrive on attention.  Whether that attention is positive or negative is of little concern to them.

Oh, wait. I think I just described myself.

You see, the trouble with crazy-making is that it’s not always someone else’s problem. We all have a crazy-maker inside of us. They are often the most dangerous and damaging.

Let me start by sharing my own craziness:

I am stubborn, extremely demanding, still think of myself as “not good enough”, and yes, my creativity mostly happens at the very last minute. This can create a lot of chaos in my office.

Getting to a place where I could acknowledge this to myself was difficult. Sharing it with you is even more so, but how can I ask of others what I am unwilling to do myself?



Do you have the courage to share with us your most secret craziness? I promise you, it could be very liberating, and the first step to recovery.

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