Venting: 10 Things that Surprise Me About Our Industry


Welcome to the New Year! In today’s Venting I’d like to start by listing 10 things that happen in our industry that surprise me over and over:

1. At times of stress, clients can sometimes be mean.

2. A potential client might like you, yet use someone else.

3. Sometimes our designs or services turn out not so great.

4. Even if you did a great job, a client might not call you back and thank you.

5. Sometimes clients want your design and services for next to nothing.

6. A new client may not like your design.

7. Even if a client likes you and they have another event, they go with someone else.

8. Clients think your prices are way too high when you are just trying to make a profit

9. If you give it away, you are not going to make a profit.

10. You try your best, but even that, sometimes, is not good enough.

Aside from being business people, we are also and always human. In the next few weeks, I’d like to address each of these points and how we can learn from them.

The sooner we embrace these shocking truths, the easier we can sail to success.

In the meantime, which of the above did you react to most? And, as usual in our Monday’s Venting if you have any issues at the moment concerning anything on this list, please leave a question in the comments below and I’ll answer by emailing you directly.

Oh, and of course, Happy New Year!