Vendors, What You Wear Matters


(Photo via Wedding Aces)

Recently, I got to be a guest at one of the weddings I designed. And it was truly a dream wedding, if I do say so myself! The bride looked absolutely stunning. (Soon, I’ll be sharing pictures of this wedding in my bride spotlight section!)

But, unfortunately, something upsetting happened at the wedding, and I need to vent. My dear clients really wanted to hire a videographer. (Now, I love clients who are loyal to their vendors, but I always get more than a little nervous when I work with a vendor I don’t know, and I had never met this videographer before.)

A huge team of us had worked very hard to create a magical setting and mood inside the church where my clients were getting married. But as my beautiful bride walked down the aisle, I realized with horror that the videographer following her was wearing jeans and Ugg boots! I understand that some cultures are more casual than others, but Ugg boots at a formal wedding? Come on.

The very worst part, though, is that when one of my colleagues said something to the videographer about her unprofessional attire, her reply was very rude and she used the F word. If this videographer is reading, you know who you are, and shame on you.

Dear Readers, if you had been in my shoes, what would you have done? What do you think is the proper way to dress when you’re working an event?

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