Vendors Wearing Different Hats


(Photo via The Task Wrangler)

One of the biggest issues that came up while I was at Event Solution’s Idea Factory in Las Vegas last week was how many different hats we vendors often wear. For instance, there are caterers who also provide flowers, hotels that offer not only event space but flowers and planning services as well, and lots of planners who are also florists. Is it any wonder our clients sometimes get confused?

I suspect this juggling is happening for three reasons:

1. Many clients prefer one-stop shopping, in part because they think they’ll get a better deal.
2. Vendors aren’t always able to make a decent living providing just one service.
3. Some vendors find themselves unexpectedly falling in love with another service.

But regardless of the reasons, our industry is changing dramatically. Ours is a hyper-competitive world, and it’s not enough anymore to have just one great talent; to really succeed, you need to be multi-talented.

I started out as just a florist, but today my business is a one-stop shopping experience. And, frankly, I am still learning the hard way how to provide all of these services flawlessly and with integrity.

Most of the vendors I spoke to in Las Vegas last week feel that each of us should stick to what we know best. They also told me that they don’t think it’s possible to offer so many different services without sacrificing quality.

Dear Readers, what do you think? I’d really like to know your opinions.