Vendor Etiquette


I’m often surprised by the responses my blog posts generate. On Monday I vented about a videographer who wore jeans and Ugg boots to film my client’s wedding. Soon after I put my post up, I got an email from a reader who shall remain anonymous.

She wrote to tell me about a very upsetting experience she had at her wedding. Her wedding planner, whom she had hired based on a good friend’s recommendation, was a beautiful woman with a very voluptuous figure. In the many months of wedding planning, my reader never paid much attention to her planner’s figure, and her planner always dressed conservatively.

However, her planner wore an incredibly revealing and very low-cut dress to my reader’s wedding. Her dress was so inappropriate that several guests were offended by it. My reader was very upset and resented her planner’s decision to wear such an outfit. Nonetheless, she felt the woman had a done a great job planning her wedding and never said anything to her about the incident.

I was shocked when I read this email, and I feel so badly for this bride. She should not have had to deal with that on her wedding day!

Rule number one in our industry, giving great service is about NOT attracting attention to ourselves. Our events should always be about our clients and their guests!

Dear Readers, if you had been this bride, what would you have done? Was she right to ignore the situation? Or should she have said something to her planner?

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