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ISSE Carmel Preston Bailey Blog

Dear Readers,

As most of you know, making a living doing something you love isn’t always easy. We live in a time when artistry is appreciated, but often undervalued. As a result, artists don’t often know how to go about presenting and pricing their talents. It is for this reason that it is important to have a strong understanding of “Value Selling”.

This was the topic of my most recent speaking event at ISSE in Carmel, CA. While Carmel happens to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring locales in the world, what inspired me most were the exchanges between myself and the attendees. It was such a vibrant, interesting, and passionate conversation that I wanted to invite those of you who could not attend to it.

Please take some time share with me how you differentiate your business.

What makes you unique? 

How do you build an emotional connection with your clients? 

What can you do to exceed your clients’ expectations?

I look forward to reading your comments!



ISSE Carmel Preston Bailey Blog
A lovely dinner with the attendees of ISSE in Carmel, CA.

ISSE Carmel Preston Bailey Blog
Thank you to Hunter Lowder of Holman Ranch for being such a gracious host.

(Photos courtesy of Orbie Pullen Photography)