Updating My List of Talented Event Planners in Your Area

To-Do List

(Image via puuikibeach)

Thank you very much for the wonderful response to last Friday’s post asking for talented local florists! I was absolutely blown away by how many of you sent me links to your websites – I spent almost an entire day looking at your work, and it left me utterly in awe.

This week I’d like to turn my attention to all of the fantastic event planners out there. I’m looking for planners who know their communities extremely well and who can help make my job easier the next time I’m in town to plan an event.

If you have worked with or know of any first-rate planners who are drama-free, please don’t hesitate to share their information. And, of course, please feel free to nominate yourselves as well.

I really need your help! Next Friday I’m going to ask about production companies in your region. Unfortunately, in the past, I have found that good production companies can be very difficult to find. With that in mind, I hope you’ll take a little time this week to ask around on my behalf. Thank you in advance!