wedding reception food

(Image via monakos)

There’s no question in my mind that caterers can make or break a party. You can have the most stunning wedding reception decorations, the most beautiful flower arrangements, and the most meaningful ceremony, but it won’t mean much if the caterer is sub-par.

If you serve your guests bad food or the waitstaff is terrible or guests have to wait in long buffet lines, I promise you that’s what they’ll remember most. Your guests will think of your wedding reception and recall being very hungry, which is not the favor you want to send them home with! Living in New York City, I’m pretty spoiled with fabulous caterers. We have so many who consistently amaze me with their innovative presentations, delicious recipes and impeccable service. However, as most of you know, I do many events outside of the New York area, and, unfortunately, I can’t take my favorite caterers with me.

Can you recommend any great caterers in your city? Please leave their information in the comments. And, as always, don’t hesitate to nominate yourself.

Thank you!