Up Close And Personal With President, Nadine Jervis


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Dear Readers:

As you know, I will be profiling members of my staff over the next couple of weeks. My first introduction will be our new president, Nadine Jervis. Nadine and I have worked together for nearly twenty years and I am so pleased to have her here as we begin our next chapter.

You have been with me for many years and have worn many hats. Now you are president. How do you feel about your new position?

I started from the bottom now I am here! Do you remember Robert Ketterman hiring me to answer the phones and type proposals? I was not thinking about money, title, or career. The whole thing was done in true PB-style; Robert was typing, answering the phones, and interviewing me in one shot. Back then,  I was just happy to have a job and driven by a reflex to do whatever needed to be done. All of that blind hard work made me your first Executive Director!

Today,  I am Madame President of what I call the “transformation magic” known as “Preston Bailey Entertainment and Set Designs, Inc.” In the old days, I always said these things [titles] didn’t matter.  Today, I know you assigned me the title as a big vote of confidence. Thank you.

How does it feel to be back? Can you tell us a little about your journey?

Mr. Bailey, it feels so natural and surreal all at the same time to be back working for you and our amazing clients. I share more over-the-top memories with my Preston Bailey Family than with my biological family! I have been here a month now and looking back, it feels as though I have been on a “walk-about” and am now back home. I feel like I am a more balanced version of myself. The first ten years here was so “drama”.   I laugh when I think of my first day; I answered the phone during my interview because the three non-stop ringing lines kept interrupting the interview!The next thing I knew, my daughter, Georgia-Rae was turning 10 years old and I was on the brink of falling out of love with you. That’s when I left to be a full time mother and to marry that island man of mine.

Fast forward six years later – Preston Bailey Designs is my true love and I have decided to take the bad and ugly that comes along with the magnificent.   You are no peach, Sir. You ask for a lot without saying a word, but I know in my gut that  the magic that happens when you lay your eyes on a party-room or tent is a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity, and I want to be a part of that. Coming back, I understand that more than ever.  I can’t wait to see where the next twenty years take us.

I can’t either, Nadine.

Do any of you have any questions for Nadine?





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