Up Close And Personal With My Editor-In-Chief And Digital Media Straegist, Brenda Della Casa

Brenda Della Casa, Preston Bailey

Brenda Della Casa, Preston Bailey

Dear Readers:

Today, in my Up Close and Personal Series, I am interviewing my Editor-In-Chief, Brenda Della Casa.  As always, please feel free to ask Brenda or any of my staff members any questions you may have in the comment section below.

What is your title and what do you do at PBD?  

I am the Editor-in-chief and Digital Media Creator and Strategist. I also handle all technical and PR and digital branding  responsibilities. All in all, my dream job.

You’re constantly uploading the images and tweets I send to you on various sites. Does working long hours affect your home life?

Well, a lot of people here are a part of my personal life. It helps that I have an emotional connection to you and the team because getting up and posting on Facebook on a Saturday morning or running data on a holiday doesn’t feel intrusive. I care about the brand and the people who follow it.  My travel companions always know my vacation mornings start with checking the blog and making sure everything is posted. It’s not always perfect (working with uncooperative Italian internet connections can be tricky), but the great thing about you and the team is that everyone works together to help get things done.

Is there a time you considered leaving us? 

This question! Boss! Never. I make no secret that this is my dream job and I love you, my colleagues and my work here so much that every challenge has been worth working through. Working here has changed my life on nearly every level and I have made decisions that have changed the fate of my personal life in support of staying here. To no surprise, that was just another blessing that stems from working here.  I always tell you that I plan to be here for 80 years, and I mean it!

If you had to change one (or many things about me) what would they be? Don’t hold back.

I wish you wouldn’t rush me through my research feedback, but I appreciate that you trust me and let me do what I feel is best with the brand. The thing I would not change (your humility) is the cause of what I would. You don’t see yourself the way others see you and sometimes you seem to have difficulty understanding that people are interested in you–your mind, your thoughts, your opinions– in addition to your designs. It can be a challenge to balance this with giving your fans and readers what they ache to have access to. That said, there are a million things I would never change about you. You are a father, mentor and confidant to me as much as an amazing boss. Sorry this wasn’t under two sentences! I always tell her to keep it under two sentences in meetings. She never does.

What was the worst moment you have ever had on the job? (Tell us why)

I struggled with the pushback on social media and digital marketing in the beginning, but I am so pleased we have embraced it as a company and enjoyed the rewards!

After a hard day at work, what do you really tell your best friends that drives you crazy about working for me?

Nothing drives me crazy. I get annoyed at the chaos that comes with juggling so much and crazy deadlines, but I always say the same thing which is that I  feel blessed to work here. I mean, this isn’t exactly brick-laying in the hot sun (though production does that–sorry Junior!)

What is the biggest misconception you feel people have about working for me?

That you are sort of the” great and powerful Oz” sitting behind some curtain and waving your hand that this and that is “fabulous”. You are the antitheses of that. Most people do not know that you are actually like a father in so many ways.  We can come to you for anything at any time–personal or professional and you always give the gift of time. You make us feel important and valuable and care about our lives. The world knows you are a talented designer and sees you as “over-the-top” but you are so down to earth and really value the little things and that is so lovely. I also think they think it’s pure glamour. We have glamorous moments, but we work very hard.

I have always said we are like a family, and with that comes some high emotional moments. How do you feel about the way I manage everyone in the company?

I am very sensitive and though it can be a little chaotic here with everyone driving into each others lanes, the truth is we are all allowed to be 100% authentic. You treat every one of us as equals and we are all so passionate about what we do that it leads to great laughter and a few stomping feet every once in a while.  You have really encouraged and helped me to find my voice here at work and elsewhere and everyone here challenges me to become the best version of myself. I hope I do that, too.  I love that you always say we are a family because I feel that way. I also love that you always tell everyone that you will give me away when you plan my wedding someday when Enrique Iglesias becomes available.

Do you feel that you are being paid a fair salary or do you feel you deserve more?

These questions! I think you are very cognizant of valuing people and encouraging us to value our own talents monetarily and otherwise.

If I were to give you a raise, how much would you ask for?

That’s at your discretion.

One last question for you, Brenda. This one is more about my site and platforms that you run so effectively. What do think are the three main things business owners should keep in line in terms of online Branding?
Get to know your brand, your values and stick to them. In other words, don’t post something just to have something posted or just because you like it. Remember that engagement is essential when it comes to successful digital marketing. Have a point-of-view, a takeaway and a call to action in all of your posts. Finally, get involved and educate yourself. It’s a mistake to simply hire someone to handle your online brand and walk away. The more you understand the different platforms, your voice and your audience, the less likely you’ll have Trump-like snafu’s.
Readers, do you have any questions for Brenda?
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