Unlocking Creativity: How Do You Deal With Feeling “Blocked”?


Dear Readers,

I was recently having a discussion with a writer, a florist and two other designers about the different ways we deal with those frustrating times when we feel “blocked”.  It was so interesting to hear their ways of coping and sharing my own.  I thought I might share a few of the comments with you in the hopes they may inspire you when you feel you need a little bit of a jolt.  I’d also love to hear your own ideas!

Change Your Setting:  Sometimes all it takes is a walk in a park (or around the block) to help ignite an idea.

Write in a Journal:  This goes for those who are not writers as well.  Write about what you want from your design, what your goals, dreams and vision are.  Talk about how it feels to be blocked and your fears surrounding it.  The point is to let go and just write whatever comes to mind.  Take a few minutes to make a cup of tea and then come back and read it.

Talk With Someone Who “Gets” It:  Not only will they comfort you with their empathy (reminding you that it is a part of the process and you have not “lost” anything) but they may also give your creativity a boost.  I know we all felt this way when we walked away from our conversation.

Visit a Gallery or Exhibition: One of the most wonderful things about art is the way in which it impacts, inspires and provokes audience members in various ways.  Allow your senses to take a vacation.  Allow the colors, lines and textures to move you.  Relish in the silence of your space. Imagine what it might feel to run your hands across the textures.

Listen to Beautiful Music: Whether it’s Enya,  Andrea Bocelli or Alicia Keys, the point is to allow yourself to be moved.

Lastly, take a breath and know that there is always calm before the storm and a rainbow that often follows.