Universal Design: How Does Mother Nature Inspire You?


Dear Readers,

Throughout my career,  I have made no secret that Mother Nature is my favorite designer. I find her work endlessly inspiring,  and have always believed that, for me,  a walk in Central Park  can break down a creative block faster than any office brainstorming session.

This was reiterated to me yesterday morning as I enjoyed my brisk walk through the light snowfall here in New York. The snowflakes fell in their elegant way and I began thinking about the ways in which Mother Nature works as an artist.   

While I adore flowers and am enamored of trees, snowflakes are particularly interesting me as they are made of a crystal construction-and you know I love my crystals! Looking at the ones that sparkled against the background of my black coat evoked a different emotional experience than watching the thousands that fell like glitter from the sky. 

The different points of light created by those glistening on the limbs of bare trees were different than the fragile specs that fought through the opaque, white base created by the hundreds that had accumulated on the ground. It has been said that no two snowflakes are alike (much like artists themselves), and even more miraculous, each design, perfectly symmetrical, so it seemed somewhat wasteful to have so many in one place, to watch the lights go out, so to speak.


I’d like to ask you all the following:

What inspires you in mother nature? 

How are you influenced by her design?

What do you feel makes your own designs unique?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Stay Warm!