Turning Dreams Into Goals: How Will You Design Your Destiny?

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Dear Readers:  
As many of you know, I am currently in Beijing attending the International Wedding Conference where I have had the great honor of meeting some of the most vibrant and interesting vendors and designers in the business.  Each time I give a speaking engagement, I am reminded of why I love being in this business so much; it’s a business of dreams.  The client who dreams of the big event and  the novice designer and planner who dream of putting it together…wherever one looks, there is someone working to do what they can to create and experience that little bit of magic that happens when it all comes into fruition.
Today, I would like to encourage all of you to really think about this upcoming new year and what dreams you plan to turn into goals. Think about three to five solid steps that you will take to move closer to the destiny you plan to create for yourselves.  I would really enjoy hearing about these plans in the comment section below.
Readers: What steps are you planning to take to move closer to your dreams and how will you achieve them?  
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