Preston Bailey Wedding Trendsetter

(Image via sheila_blige)


People often ask me what the next big trend will be, and my answer is usually, “I have no idea.” It’s a little like asking someone what the next winning Lotto ticket will be.

This question annoys me because if you’re in a creative industry, you should be creating trends, NOT following them! Only lazy artists follow trends. Today I’d like to remind us all how to be our own trendsetters:

1. Trust in your ability to create. Creativity means letting yourself make mistakes. On more than one occasion, I’ve made a “mistake” that turned into a trend.

2. Take every single design you do, and think of three ways you could do it differently.

3. How many times have you seen a trend and thought, “Dang! That was my idea. I should have done that.” Trendsetters not only come up with ideas, they also ACT on them. If you have an idea, do it!

4. Have the courage to stand by your ideas. Some ideas come before their time.

5. Keep it simple. Great trends usually follow good old fashioned common sense. Most people follow trends that make sense.

The wonderful thing about being in the wedding and event industry is that every new client and job is an opportunity to create a new trend and do something different.

Dear Readers, are you more comfortable as a follower or a leader? Are most of your clients open to innovation or do they prefer to play it safe?