To Park or Not to Park


I’ve been intrigued by the responses you posted about yesterday’s bathroom attendant entry so I thought I’d bring up another small, but important detail that sometimes causes an issue: parking. The big question is, should you, as the host, pay for your guest’s parking? I once worked with a client that not only paid for her guest’s parking but also gave specific instructions that no one should accept tips (she tipped 20% to all the car servers).

On top of that, she also offered to give each guest a single rose on their way home.  We all struggle in this industry to come up with unforgettable moments for our events.  I thought this was a true moment of class. (Of course, she could also afford this luxury, which makes a difference in what you choose to offer your guests.)

Tell me about an unforgettable service you have either given or received that made an event memorable and why it was so great.

Should the host pay for guest parking?(poll)