To Do: The Holidays


Let’s start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas…

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking, “Preston, it’s way to soon for that.” Well, maybe. However, I’ll give you a few reasons why it’s not.

For those of you looking for any kind of publicity or mention in magazines, TV or blogs, this is exactly the right time to start thinking about the holidays. Most of these publications plan 3 to 6 months ahead for their editorial materials, and if you want to have a nice article this year, now is the time for pitching.

Another reason to think about the holidays now? When your clients approach you to do their holiday events, you’ll already have a great design to suggest to them.

To Do:

  • To design for the holidays, I always start with the basics: a color story. Even though most holidays are in red and green, I like to choose a color that sets my work apart. My color this year is apricot mixed with gold.
  • Ask yourself: Am I thinking traditional, eclectic, or modern for the holidays? This year I am thinking eclectic with traditional elements.
  • Pick one element that can be your “surprise” for the year. I am thinking something involving the classic nut cracker sculptures.

The great part about designing for the holidays is that every year you can bring your own unique point of view. So, good luck designing and remember that this can be fun not only for your clients but also for your own home.

Also, do not forget to call the magazines, TV, and blogs and tell them you already have a great design in mind for their publications.

Even though it’s early, what color story do you think you’ll choose for your holiday decorations? Are you a traditionalist, or are you thinking out of the box?