To Do List: How To Get Publicity


Magazine Spread,Preston BaileyI need to be cautious here…but I am wondering if you (like me) ever feel like a loser when you do not accomplish all of the tasks on your To Do list?

I try to be vigilant of that fearful, lazy part of myself that loves to create distraction and drama not to do the work. Whenever “the loser Preston” appears, I treat him with a lot of tender loving care. Maybe I take him out for some ice cream or a run and bring him back, sit his ass down, and let him do the work. (OMG, I am talking about myself in the third person…)

How did you make out with your To Do list last week? I had a little difficulty making two of the three calls I needed to make.

This week, I’d like us to concentrate on getting publicity. I find that advertising is a very powerful tool in getting your name and business out there, but a great article written about you is even more powerful. When a potential client reads your name in print, she is more likely to take you and your business seriously.

These are my suggestions for how to get your name out there:

  • Magazines. What magazines do you think your clients read? When I first started, I called Brides magazine once a week for 6 months. I simply told them, “I’d love to be in your magazine. I have some beautiful flowers I want to show you.” Eventually I got a call back and my first cover. You need to understand that any good magazine editor is constantly looking for something new and different and that could be you.
  • Newspapers. The same approach as above, yet this one is a bit more challenging. You need to ask yourself one question: If I was reading the paper, what story about me or my business would I want to read that I have not read before? Even if you are not a writer, put down this idea in a couple of sentences. Then, you are ready to do your weekly call or email to one of the newspaper editors.
  • TV. I find that the morning shows in your area are the best place to start. Again, remember that these shows are daily. Most of the time, producers of these shows find it difficult to come up with a new and fresh idea. This is where you come in. Most morning shows love demonstrations of some kind. If you are having a difficult time coming up with a fresh idea, consult a friend, family or associate. Look up one or two of the show’s producers and make it your daily practice to send him/her your “new idea.”
  • Web. This is both easier and harder than some of the other tactics above…which is why we’re going to discuss this in a separate post next week. (Stay tuned!)

An important thing to remember as you develop your Publicity To Do list: this can become a really fun thing to do, especially when you get that first call. (It can take at least three months to get that first response back.)

The key is to never give up

In my experience, once you get your first break, the others will follow with greater ease.

My To Do list this week: Plan a great week of fun and laughter. (We seldom make time for fun… What are your plans for the holiday weekend?)

I also want to know…Do you resist self-promotion? Why?