To Do: Let go of excuses


While writing this week’s to do list this morning, I thought I’d start by writing three things I want to change and will actually change, and three others I want to change yet thought was too risky. It’s so much easier to think things are going to be to difficult to change, rather than actually trying to change them. In actuality, we have no evidence that what we want to change is going to be challenging at all.

So, this week I was hoping we could work on getting rid of all those excuses we are so invested in believing in. Those excuses that impede us from moving ahead with our dreams.

A few of mine are (feel free to add to this list):

  • I am too old to start a new business.
  • The economy is bad. (This is a big one now.)
  • If I charge what I deserve, I am not going to get any clients.
  • I do not have a college degree.
  • I have no talent. (When “talent,” I think, is mostly about practice and doing.)
  • My family and friends are going to think I am crazy.

The list is endless.

Let’s work on a different mindset: Nothing is standing in the way of living fully. If I do not follow my dream in five years, I am going to be exactly where I am. If I do follow my dreams in 10 years there is a 50% chance I’ll accomplish my dream. (Those are good odds.)

Here’s the homework: Write down three changes you accomplished in the past year you are proud of (go ahead, be proud and thankful). Then, write down three things you think are “too risky” but start trying to make change anyway. What is the biggest excuse you always use?