To Do: Let go of bad habits & encourage good ones


Letting go of bad habits can be very uncomfortable. I have a side of me that procrastinates when dealing with any form of conflict. At times, I even employed the magical thinking that if I wait long enough, the problem will simply…go away. I catch myself constantly dealing with the bad habit of avoidance, especially as I get older. The worse habit I can think of is indulging fear–letting it paralyze you from creating any sort of change.

For our To Do list this week, I’d like us to work on fixing three of our bad habits, while also acknowledging and nurturing three of our good ones.

Three of my bad habits:

  • Avoidance
  • Short attention span (I need to work on paying attention. I always find myself thinking ahead instead of being in the moment.)
  • Getting bored easily (This is part of being an addict–wanting constant stimulation. I also need to work on enjoying the down moments.)

Three of my good habits:

  • Writing my blog every morning (I enjoy this because I feel like we get to share our good and not so good stuff with each other without any judgments.)
  • I LOVE making money, but growing my business and being true to my brand and myself was (and is) always more important.
  • Not drinking or taking drugs (20 years of sobriety. Now, I am just a workout addict.)

The only thing I can say about habits is that they are comforting. You grow to like them, and they grow to like you. The work that involves breaking a bad habit or starting a good one is very simple: action. However, you first need to describe what that habit is. Please share with me, (business or personal) a few of your good habits and a few of your bad habits.