To Do: Enjoy Your Work Like Play


Theo PerformingI am in awe when folks take their childhood love and make it into a business. Within my group of associates, I have what I call “my brilliant nerd squad.”

I am constantly surprised by their vast knowledge of the Internet. What they all have in common is that since they were kids, the Internet has always been their thing.

As a kid, I had a fascination for colors. I remember often playing a mental game while walking on the street or into any store. I loved guessing what colors could work together.

I still play this game subconsciously, even today. This lifelong game has helped me tremendously in my work. There is nothing I love more than taking risks with color in the event business.

In this week’s To Do list, let’s do an exploration of our past: List at least three hobbies or games you liked while growing up and see how they affect your life or work today.

Let me go first:

  • Color game. I love using bold colors in my work–it’s a lifelong mind game.
  • Playing the piano. I still love music, and as luck would have it my life partner Theo Bleckmann is an accomplished singer and musician.
  • Track and field in school. At 61 years old, my best way to keep centered is by working out. (I just finished a triathlon last week and I’m still sore.) This lifelong practice has been a great way of handling lots of my ups and downs.

The importance of this exploration is to acknowledge the kid inside of us. This helps us look at our life and work not has something difficult, but potentially as one big game.

Were you very organized as a kid and them became a planner? What traits do you still have that started as a kid and how have they affected your present business? For all you florists, how old were you when you fell in love with the beauty of flowers? (I was 30.)