To Do: Downsizing


In other words, getting rid of junk, both mentally and physically. In my post last Friday I asked you to tell me at least three things you could not live without and I was more than pleasantly surprised that in most cases your “things” fell into these three categories in this order:

1. Your family
2. Your beliefs
3. Things

(Mine also generally fell into these three categories.) This lead me to create the topic for my To Do list this week: downsizing.

Let’s start with downsizing the mind junk. Create a list of three beliefs you think you can’t live without and replace them with a positive affirmation. For example:

Belief: It’s too difficult to get clients.
Affirmation: Nothing is too difficult if you set your mind to it. I am willing and open to create many situations to welcome new clients.

Belief: I am not creative enough. I am not good enough.
Affirmation: There is no end to what is inside of me, creatively, waiting to come out.

Belief: It will take too long to accomplish what I want.
Affirmation: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so start walking.

I read once that in order to allow anything new to come into your life, you need to create room for it.

The next portion is getting rid of physical junk. So, folks look around your office and home and select three items to give to someone who needs it. (And, I don’t mean just trash.)

My selections are:

  • A piece of furniture
  • Books
  • Clothing

What are the first three pieces of “junk” you would get rid of?