To Do: Design Like a Fashionista: Step 2

table design, wedding decor,wedding centerpieces,flowers,arrangements,bouquets,place settingsIn our To do list last week I suggested that, like fashion designers, it’s a great practice for us to come up with at least one completely new design or completely new way of giving great service. This will help us position ourselves in becoming trend setters and also help us have the cutting edge needed to keep growing.

I am often asked what the upcoming trend for the year is, and I wish I had a crystal ball to guess the future, but I don’t. For me, it is usually my client’s requests that sets the tone for the season.

For instance, when I did Ivanka Trump’s wedding she loved shades of white and a traditional style. After that event I have had at least four other clients requesting whites and creams.

Somehow this put me into the exploration and designing of white and creams. While exploring, I began to see how I could take all the different and sometimes boring elements of a classic white wedding and make it more interesting. This, I think, is at the base of all design.

Regardless of what color, look, and name you chose last week, this week let’s get down to the nitty gritty of designing:
1) Create a story board. Any time I am designing, I find it inspiring to have this board set up in my office (and sometimes home). Mine usually contains different images and ideas I found either in magazines or online. I find this to be a very powerful tool that keeps me constantly thinking of the project.

2) Take three elements you like and give them a different look. I find that designing is mostly about re-inventing what already exists. For instance, that vase you have used a 100 times, what can you add to it to make it look different? Or than napkin you have folded the same way forever, how can you fold it to make it look different?

3) Put it all together. Look at all the elements you normally work with and make sure you re-invent each of them. For instance, if you are you designing a table for an event you are basically working with:

  • Tablecloth: Underlay and overlay
  • Centerpieces: flowers, low or high
  • Table accessories: candles, napkins, glasses, plates, etc.

You work is to take each one of these elements and do them completely differently than you ever seen them done before.

Re-inventing ourselves and our designs can be lot of creative fun. There is no such thing as being too simple or too dramatic with your changes, so have fun.

Now, I’d love to know…do you enjoy the process of designing something completely new and different? If you had a crystal ball, what do you think is going to be this year’s design trend? What do you think will be “out” for this year?