To Do: Design Like a Fashionista: Step 1

Wedding Couture

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It’s time to get ready for the new season, so let’s take a page out of a fashion designer’s book. Every season they need to come up with a brand new idea for their fashion collection.

In most cases, this means designing at least four complete new looks every year. I find this to be such a great model for us in the event industry.

Let’s work on designing at least one brand new collection for ourselves a year. We’ll concentrate on this together from start to finish, which means: a new look (have you ever looked at your own design and said, I am so over doing the same thing over and over, even if my clients like it?) and new ways of giving service (if you are in the service business of course).

For our To Do list for this week: Step 1. I’ve broken it down into three buckets:

1) A name. What are you calling your new collection? What has inspired you the most in the past year? Here are some starting points for your muse:

  • Nature. Think of gardens you have visited, your mother’s garden, or flowers you have recently rediscovered.
  • Movies. Think Avatar or Alice in Wonderland.
  • A time period. Maybe you like the look of Art Deco orr the flowers from the French traditional.
  • Fashion designers. For example, I loved John Galliano’s last collection.

2) What colors are you feeling this year?
Last year I was in love with lavenders and purples. Surprisingly, this year I am feeling a lot of classic whites and creams.

3) What look? Are you feeling a clean modern look, something more traditional, eclectic or a mixture of combinations? (I am feeling a modern background with strong traditional statements.)

Once we establish these three directions, we can then move forward by collecting images of our selections. You can use everything from photos and cut outs to color and fabric swatches. If you want to become the next trend setter in your community, I think this is a very important practice to work on every year.

Next Monday, we’ll discuss step 2 in getting our new collection together.

I’d love to know–what colors are you feeling for this year? What are some names you’re throwing around? What direction do you love most? Modern, traditional or eclectic?