To Do: Break the Rules

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You might not believe this, but at one point years ago it was totally unacceptable to do a ceremony with anything other than all white. Actually, in many cities this is still the norm.

The first time I did an all red ceremony I received a lot of comments about having bad taste. Some folks even used the word “tacky” (what nerve!). The irony of this is that in some Asian countries all white is associated with funerals.

This, for me, is a very valuable lesson I constantly keep in mind. If you are in any business, it is essential to have this line at the top of your To Do list is: Keep asking yourself, “How can I do this differently?”

I constantly hear the expression “trendsetter;” this just means that one has the ability to see the world and designs from a new point of view. The big challenge, at times, is your clients and how they are going to perceive your need to be “different.” Of course, the other challenge is what’s considered socially acceptable in your market and locale.

On this week’s To Do list, I’d like us to focus on the following:

  • Let’s make an inspiration board of three new ideas that we have been contemplating–with an emphasis on being different. And by Friday, let’s actually implement one of them into a drawing or piece of writing. (This is easy, right?)
  • Opinions of friends and family can be a very powerful tool. Ask three friends or family members what they think of your work and what you can do differently. (Please do not ask those that are in any way jealous of you.)
  • Now, for the BIG challenge: Create one new design with elements or ideas you normally hate. (I tend to look down on balloon designs. This is going to be my challenge for the week). This practice is a great one for when you get a client and you disagree with his or her taste (and if you need more help on that issue, check out my old blog post about what to do if you think your client has bad taste).

“Breaking the rules” can become a very powerful practice for your art, however it also requires maintaining a delicate balance. Gauge how you feel about it. If you are doing it because you actually like it, then BRAVO. However if your main motive is to shock others, I suggest you re-think it.

How do you feel about being “different” and breaking a few rules? In creating your BIG challenge, what elements do you normally hate?