To Do: Become a Cross Dresser

Cross Dresser Photo

Bailey and Blum

Yes folks, I admit it: I am a cross dresser. I read this wonderful expression in the book I recommended on Friday, Tom Kelley’s The Art of Innovation.

He describes a business cross dresser as having the following attributes:

  • Someone who, for example, was a lawyer or engineer and fell in love with design and switched
  • Someone self-educated (I fall under this category)
  • Someone self-motivated and enthusiastic
  • Or anyone whose energy, motivation and personality are their main qualifications to get the job done.

In our To do list this week, I’d like us to work on exploring our inner “cross dresser.”

If you are a designer, how can you become a planner?

  • Start helping a close friend or family plan an upcoming event.
  • Make a list of what you enjoyed most and what drove you crazy, or you found boring.

If you are a planner how can you become a designer?

  • Design (from start to finish) a close friend’s or family member’s event. (Make this a small event.)
  • Make a list of what you enjoyed most and also what you enjoyed less.

This To Do list task can apply to any artistic profession that intrigues you. (Of course, we do not want our doctors to be “cross dressers.” ) The beauty of being a “cross dresser” is that it allows us to to move forward in practicing any art form without fear. Like the Nike commercial says, “Just do it” and learn from your mistakes.

I’m wondering…are you a “cross dresser”? What other profession or art form intrigues you enough to want to try it? Also, what were you doing before your present occupation?