‘Til Death Do Us Part


I’ve been obsessing about marriage vows mainly because, in the very near future, I’ll be announcing the date for my own upcoming wedding. (This is after a very long engagement.) One of the reasons I waited so long is that I wanted to be sure about the promise of being with my partner “until death do us part.” That is one very scary statement–one I am planning to take very seriously.

Preston's Mother Photo

My mom on her wedding day

My parents (both deceased) were together their whole lives. They both seemed extremely happy. I cannot imagine my father, after proposing to my mother, asking her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. However, both were very poor at the time. I have seen several engagements broken off because of this issue. At times, my clients have asked for my advice on how to deal with this very delicate issue.

For me, it’s very simple: everything I own is ours. There is nothing I own that means so much to me that I am not willing to give or share it with my partner and best friend now or ever. All material things can be replaced. I have been in other “marriages” before and when they ended, no matter how hurt or angry I was, I simply gave them anything they wanted and moved on. (Of course I have never owned a billion dollars or anything close). Like I said, this is a very delicate issue and I’d love to hear your comments…

What are your thoughts on pre-nuptial agreements? Would you ask you new spouse or partner to sign one? (Boy, I hope my partner doesn’t ask me to sign one…)