Three Weddings In One Day: How We Did It


Hi Everyone!

As you all know, we had the time of our lives planning and designing three dream weddings at the Empire State Building last week! While I’d love to say it was all smooth sailing, we were certainly faced with a few challenges. Each couple had their own love story to tell and the responsibility of making sure that it was told properly rested on us. As I worked with these couples I truly fell in love with each and every one of their love journeys and wanted to make sure that everything we did for them reflected that.

Some of the biggest planning challenges were: 

Individual Atention and Personalization

The biggest query in my head was: How do I manage to make each couple feel special? This was serious challenge but we knew this going in. The best thing to do when you are in a similar situation is to pay close attention from the beginning. Get to know each couple and what matters most to them so that when faced with challenges on site you are able to make decisions based on their best interests and not yours.


We were faced with massive timing challenges. We began by assigning transportation times for all brides and grooms separately. This was a huge task because we had to plan it so that the brides and the grooms did not see each other as they were getting ready. In addition, we had to stagger the arrivals of the families. Every move had to be timed down to the second and there was no room for error.

Transformation of Ceremonies

Our amazing crew worked methodically on the breakdown of the alters in between each ceremony. We were faced with a thirty minute installation window! Can you say stress?

Managing Meltdowns

We all know the amount of pressure and stress on the wedding day can lead to a melt down here and there. Well this time was pretty special, we had to do that times three! Keeping all the brides happy and the their families content required an extra sense of calm and dedication, however, we managed to keep everyone calm and to manage expectations accordingly.

The bottom line is that even with a challenge such as planning and executing three weddings in one day at the same location we managed to give each one of our couples the wedding of their dreams!

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Interested in watching the weddings? You’re in luck! TBI  caught it all on film and will be airing the heartfelt ceremonies  on WE TV this Saturday, February 23 at 8:30AM EST.

Kathy Romero is the Director of Wedding Planning For Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.

(Photo Courtesy of Emily Gilbert)