Three Ways To Move Further Down Your Path


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Dear Readers:

Often, I am asked what it takes to succeed. My response is usually, “If you make enough mistakes, you’ll eventually become an expert.” While there is no replacement for the experience and knowledge that comes by way of trials, tribulations, and overcoming challenges, there are a few ways to move down your path with fewer stumbles. I thought I would list three of them today.

Make Short-Term Goals:

Yes, having an idea as to where it is that you’d like to be in five years is great, but the reality is that life and our industry is ever-evolving and there may be new opportunities that come your way tomorrow that might open up your mind to new possibilities or take you in a totally new direction. This is why it is essential to focus on short-term goals and to incorporate daily goals that will help you get there. For example, signing up for a six week class could help you network and sharpen your skill-set and using a “to do” list as a daily guide will help you maintain focus, which will offer benefits almost immediately. With that said, it’s important to edit your duties by prioritizing them and asking yourself which ones are really going to help you to get the outcome you are looking for.

Expand Your Knowledge:

We have heard it a number of times, but knowledge is power, mainly over the fears, anxieties, and uncertainties that keep us from moving forward. The more we know, the more capable we are of balancing the risks and rewards of different situations, thus approaching them with a sense of certainty that frees us from wasting time sitting on the fence when we should be in motion. The key is not to focus solely on your own area of expertise. If you are a florist, spend time really learning about the other areas of the events industry (such as production) so that you will have a better understanding of the needs of your client and the vendors they work with. Not only will you be more supportive of your own clients and colleagues, you’ll be better prepared for possible setbacks.

Remember That Others Are Watching and Listening To You:

Every moment we share with another human being leaves them with an impression of us. We will not like every person who comes across our path nor will everyone like us, but there is something to be said for those who treat others who cannot help them with respect, who decline to engage in gossip, and who congratulate a job well done instead of choosing to rain on someone else’s parade.

What are three keys to success you would like to share?



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