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Preston Bailey Business Lessons

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I am writing this from the amazing city of Hong Kong where I’m doing some business. Soon, though, I’ll be on my way to Beijing to give a speech, and then it’s onto London, where I will give a presentation for an event I’m designing. All this travel is exhausting, but it’s also fun and exciting. I love seeing all of the magical holiday decorations here in Hong Kong, and I can’t wait to see how London is decorated.

December is a wonderful time to embrace holiday cheer, but it’s also an important time of year to address unfinished business; take care of your work now, and you’ll be able to begin the new year in January with a clean slate. There’s nothing like a new year and a fresh start!

With so many work obligations right now, I’ve been thinking a lot about my business. Here are three things I’ve learned this past year:

1. I must never stop refining how I sell my designs. Yes, folks, it’s always a challenge making clients understand what they are paying for and its value.

2. You truly must never give up. After struggling a great deal to finish writing my new book about doing business from the heart, I finally did it, and it feels incredible.

3. I give a lot of speeches all over the world, because I know that my speeches are not about me: they are about the audience and helping them solve their business dilemmas.

Actually, I owe all of you, my dear readers, a huge thank you. Thank you for sending me so many wonderful “Dear Preston” questions; they helped me better understand some of the sticky issues folks in the wedding and event planning industry are dealing with.

Dear readers, what are the three most important business lessons you learned this year? Please share your new knowledge with all of us!

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