This wedding planner wanna bees, fees are so low she might as well work for free



Dear Preston:

I just want to ask your opinion about wedding Coordinators wanna bees. For example, the most reasonable rate in Los Angels is from $600 and up for the day of an event. That $600 is for a 9 hour day. I think that amount is low but reasonable for a new coordinator. The highest is $150.00 per hour for an experienced planner. But my gosh, I just saw an Add saying she charges $200 to coordinate a wedding, Why doesn’t she just work for free? At least there should be a standard fee, as respect to other coordinators who are working so freaking hard!!!!

Dear “Not Right.”

I understand your frustration, and I wish there were a standard rate that all planners charge, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Because event planning has become such a competitive business, most starting planners, take what they can get. It’s tough for a new bee to get a client as a planner, and I understand, why they need to lower their fees, to almost work for free.

When I first started, I can not tell you the amount of work that I did almost for free, until I started gaining some experience.

But, if I were a new bride, and I read an add saying that a planner is only charging me $200 to plan my wedding when others are charging $600. All kind of alarm bells will go off in my head. The first question I’ll ask myself is, “How good are they ?” I believe that it’s up to the bride and her budget, to take the risk in hiring a “wanna be” planner.

Sometimes a cheap planner is better than no planner at all.

Ultimately, as they say, “You get what you pay for.”


Dear readers: Do you agree or disagree with my answer?