Thinking Outside Of The Vase: Will You Marry Me?

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Dear Readers:

I think “will you marry me?”  is one of the most anticipated questions most (but not all) people expect to ask (or hear) from their significant others.  For straight couples, it is traditional for the man to ask the woman. But you know what? We are now in the 21st century and I think it is great that women have now been empowered to confidently ask the question themselves.

I once had a young lady call in with a request to help her propose to her boyfriend in a unique way. Her original idea was to send him flowers with a note. I suggested we do something a bit different and send him a unique floral sculpture with the question on a beautiful card. My client loved the idea and I am happy to report that he did too. He was so touched that he  actually cried (and of course, he said yes).
I love a guy who is not afraid of showing his emotions, don’t you?
Let’s have a little fun with our question today: Do you think is appropriate for a woman to ask a man to marry her? As a woman, do you think you should should just sit and wait for as long as it takes?