Thinking Outside Of The Vase: My Three Rules For Unique Centerpieces

Dear Readers:
I was recently asked what my thoughts on creating great table decor came down to. When it comes to designing something unique, I have three main rules.
I. Create an artistic statement. Don’t be afraid to showcase your creativity here as this is the perfect place to really showcase your skills and vision.
II. The more dramatic, the better. A lot of designers will save the drama for the big statements, but remember that this is where guests will spend the most time. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
III. Create something that has never been seen before. I know trends are all the rage, but there is nothing like seeing something for the first time. Give your guests that amazing “OMG” moment.
Most of my clients are very much into these rules (I hardly ever get clients who love simplicity). Now, I am not going to say that I am always successful in selling my “crazy” ideas to clients, but I will always keep trying. For instance, I designed a centerpiece that was made entirely out of lights and flowers. I thought this could be a perfect statement as guests walked into the ballroom. Imagine seeing all of these fiber optic lights as individual statements coming together to make one large and dramatic one.
Do you think my client liked it or not? Tell us why.
What do you think?