Thinking Outside Of The Vase: Embrace Your “Crazy” Ideas.


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Dear Readers:

Yesterday, I was approached by a young woman who was so kind to stop me and tell me how much she loved my designs and told me how she really wanted to go over-the-top at her wedding and use bold and bright colors but she was pushed away from the idea by a very traditional mother who “insisted” that she use creams and pinks for her wedding. “I still regret listening to her to this day,” she said. “That was almost twenty-five years ago.” I told her how sad I was to hear that but then encouraged her to throw a second wedding for her 25th anniversary in December. She thought it was a great idea and is now planning her “big, bold second wedding” using hot pink and purple.

I couldn’t be happier for her, but it made me think of how many people get talked out of their “outrageous” (read: creative) ideas. If there is anything I hope you get from my blogs, it is to relish in your individuality. Go ahead and put flowers in strange places, hang crystals wherever you have space to, put dance floor’s over swimming pools, and if you love hot pink, make it your wedding color…even if it’s November.

Thinking differently is something to celebrate and living authentically is your own personal right. While I am so happy this beautiful woman and her partner are having a second wedding, I wish it were her second “dream wedding”.

What was the “craziest” idea you have ever had?