Thinking Outside Of The Vase: A Special Surprise Reveal In Brazil Tomorrow!




Dear Readers:

The excitement in Brazil is building and I am so excited about our big reveal tomorrow at the Tivoli Hotel in Sao Paolo. As many of you know, dessert displays are a huge part of wedding design in many countries, most especially in Brazil. The wedding cake has its special place, but displaying the tastiest sweets produced by the country creates an amazing impact. There are times when these displays are right at the entrance, welcoming guests as they enter the event.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to not only create an unforgettable display, but a floral art installation that will serve as the backdrop for the event. We have selected a group of students who have been very busy these past three days. They have been learning how to create one of our signature floral sculptures for the exhibit.

The display is going to be presented in a live demonstration tomorrow at 10AM GMT-3.

I cannot wait to show you the final product and cannot thank these amazing students and my wonderful host, Andrea Cabral of Andrea Cabral Personal Party for this amazing experience.