Things Look Different Around Here…


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If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, or on your phone, quick, click and see how different the new site looks! I am so proud to say that the site re-design we’ve been working on for the past six months is finally up and running. You’ll see that we’ve changed A LOT. I’ll go through some of the major changes with you now:

  • Homepage: Since we’ve added so many new sections of the site, we needed to expand our homepage to showcase all the new content. Don’t worry, though, if you only want the straightforward experience of clicking through my Portfolio, we have a very accessible portfolio button on each landing page that will take you to the portfolio site.
  • My Blog: We’ve re-designed the overall look & feel, but we’ve also added more features to deepen the experience. You’ll see we’ve added a new blog module that highlights your recent comments, so you can easily jump into the conversation. We’ve also added a search function across the entire site and for the blogs.

The following new sections, as you’ve probably guessed, are related to the different books I’ve published. I wanted to create an experience that could exist beyond the page.

  • Weddings Channel: We wanted to create a special section on the site just for the brides. In this section, we’ll be posting a lot of content related to your big day. Bride Spotlights of real weddings (both my past clients, like Tania, and any special standout user submissions we receive to the site), idea slideshows centered around different aspects of your wedding day (the first one is a couture gowns slideshow), video tips from experts, wedding inspiraiton from my past work, and more.
  • Celebrations Channel: This is the place about design and designers. Life’s celebrations are all about the milestones we achieve from our sweet 16 to our golden anniversary. In this section, we’ll discuss those celebrations, as well as feature some amazing designers within the event industry. David Stark is our first featured designer.
  • Inspirations Channel: I wanted to create this section as a place that could act as a “fire-starter.” So often, my design team and I find inspiration from different and unique places. We’ve launched a new Image Insights blog that showcases our daily inspiration finds to share with you. In addition, you’ll see content tied more to the behind the scenes aspect (for example, my Before & After slideshow) of design, and content that has a heavier focus on the “art” in the art of design.
  • Entertaining Channel: Everyone loves to throw (and attend) a good party. This section is my place for all the hosts and hostesses out there. My editor Karell will be writing this section’s new blog titled: Design for Entertaining–Your Parties where we’ll be featuring user submissions of the unique and amazing parties you threw for yourselves or your loved ones. We’ll also have tons of content that will hopefully inspire and encourage you to entertain at your best.
  • Video: Here, you can find all the video we create for the site. You can see a time-lapse video of a design transformation, or virtually attend my Celebrations book launch party. I have something special planned for this section, but we’ll talk more about that in a different post.
  • Tools: Who doesn’t need design tools? Currently, you can find my Color Palette Picker in this section, but soon you will find even more virtual tools to help you with your events.

So, that’s it! Take a look around and let me know what you think. I’d love your feedback.