The Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase


preston bailey uniquely yours bridal showcase

I spent the weekend in Norfolk, Virginia at the wonderful Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase.

My hostess, Pearl Taylor, is a bridal coordinator and event planner, and Uniquely Yours is all hers. It’s also the best bridal show I’ve been to in America. There were 3500 attendees, and 1300 of them were brides. There were also 145 vendors. It was massive and fantastic.

I have so much respect for Pearl, who is full of old-school charm and energy. She really brought everyone in the industry together; everyone who meets her adores hers. Uniquely Yours is her baby, and she takes care of it like a very savvy mom. She also has a very supportive husband and family, and it was great to see them all in action this weekend. Bravo, Pearl!

We kicked things off on a real high note with a delicious VIP dinner for 400. The food was so good that I abandoned my diet and let myself totally indulge! I also had the honor of giving my speech on a truly beautiful stage, which you can see in the photo above. Isn’t it magnificent?

Here are some more great photos from the weekend. There were SO many incredibly talented vendors. I was blown away:

preston bailey uniquely yours bridal showcase

preston bailey uniquely yours bridal showcase

preston bailey uniquely yours bridal showcase

Here’s Pearl with the lovely Kristin Shockley, who’s a talented graphic designer. She also does all of the social media and graphic designs for Uniquely Yours. She made sure I had a great time and had everything I needed. Thank you, Kristin!

I love these shots of me and Pearl!

Preston Bailey Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase

(Photos courtesy of David Schwartz Photography)


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