The True Keys To Success


Dear Readers:

Many times, I am asked to share what I feel are the secrets to my success. I wish I could sit down and present an always-reliable action plan that would work for everyone (including myself), but the truth is that the definition of success really differs from person-to-person.

Purchasing a nice car or a having your name mentioned in magazines bring a sense of accomplishment–however fleeting–for some, while others gain that feeling from waking up with a sense of purpose or having the chance to do what they love each day.

I have found that if you change out the word “success” with “fulfillment”, you will have a better sense of what you’re seeking on your journey and can then break down ways in which you can bring more of that into your life.

Do you seek to express yourself?

Do you seek to enhance the lives of your clients?

Are you seeking fame and applause?

Are you looking for a solid work/life balance?

Think about what brings you a sense of accomplishment and why. After you have done this, commit to working towards doing three things each day to work closer to creating an environment that allows you to experience more of that feeling.

Example: If you’re looking for more self expression and are unable to move into events full time for whatever reasons, set aside a few hours a week to go somewhere alone and just work on creating your art, even if only for yourself. I would also suggest allowing yourself room to make mistakes, grow, and reward yourself for moving forward.

As with most things, our filter determines our interpretation, and while every day won’t bring fanfare, signed contracts, or even a smile from a stranger, showing gratitude for what we have and not giving up are the only true key to success I know to count on.

Today, please share your definition of success with us.




(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)