The Tools You Need to Make a Sale


As we’ve discussed before, meeting with a new client is always extremely exciting and nerve-wracking. I have tried so many different approaches in my many years of being in business.

Today I’d like to share my top 10 list of tips that have worked:

1. Make sure you photograph all of your creations. Even the ones you do only in your studio or home. (Thank god for digital cameras.)
2. Photograph both details and overall shots of the space. The more the better–especially for overalls.
3. Choose the top 10 images of your work. As exciting as you think your work is, most clients have a short attention span.
4. The first three images and the last two should be the strongest and most dramatic. You want to get the client’s attention the moment they start looking. You also want to leave them wanting more.
5. Organize your book with a wide selection of your talent. It’s important to show your clients you are capable of doing more than one look.

6. While selecting images, make sure you include several color stories. Most likely they’ll be able to relate to one of those color schemes.
7. If you are meeting in person, the larger the images you show them the better. I suggest printing your work no smaller than 13×19.
8. Make sure you have additional images close by just in case your clients like something and want to see more images from a specific event.
9. If possible, have approximately three letters of recommendation from old clients. Again, you do not want to bore them with too many long letters.
10. Most importantly, in no more than 10 lines or less. List your services in a bullet point list.
For example:
-Floral Design
– Concept creator
– Planner
-Event installer, etc.

Your goal is to encourage your prospective client to read it, so you’ll have the chance to explain each bullet point in person in case they have questions.

I have gotten many requests about how to create the proper marketing tools to make a sale. In the next few Wednesdays I’d like to write much more about this issue. Please submit your questions and I’ll try to address as many as possible next week.

Also, if you have any suggestions about what works for you, please share it with us below in the comments.