The Spirit of the Season: Sharing


Dear Readers,

Happy Friday!

‘Tis the season to host and be hosted! Its a wonderful time to be in the event business, with so many different ways to be inspired and (if we are lucky) inspire.

  1. There is a great energy in the city of New York right now.  There is a frosty drizzle in the air and store windows are decked out in full holiday decor.   I have decided to end the week by celebrating the start of the season with my staff at our annual holiday party. Though I swore I would focus on losing those 5 lbs caused by Arturo and Felipe’s wonderful hospitality, I feel I might be tempted to try the wonderful holiday treats everyone is bringing in.

As an artist, I am always looking for new and modern ways to approach traditional holidays, but what really inspires me this time of year is the classic sentiment of the season.  I truly enjoy spending time getting to know those I care about better (this includes people in my personal and professional life), and what better way to do that than to throw an intimate celebration (or a few).  As a host, I ache for everything to be perfect, but time has shown me that a good attitude, good food, good conversation (and yes, good lighting) often does trick.

As all of you begin to plan and attend your get togethers, please join me in being mindful of what this season is truly about–the celebration and gratitude of life and the blessings and the people we have in it.



(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)