The Set-up: A Celebrations Transformation


Empty Hall, Transformation

It’s only one day before the big Celebration! I was very torn in choosing a space for the event–in these economical times I didn’t want to give a party that was too slick, so it was essential to find the right venue. I love the Armory because it’s a raw, empty space that sort of reminds me of a high school gym.

It’s been an interesting challenge transforming this space. For each new venue, there are specific elements I always focus on:

  • The walls–how do I cover them?
  • The ceiling–what am I going to hang from there?
  • The floor–depending on the space, sometimes I think, “How am I going to deal with this?”
  • The entrance
  • The actual decor itself


It’s always good to have as much time as possible for setting up. This being New York city, we only have about 48 hours to set up the lighting, the flowers, the stage, projections, and so much more. My crew and I will definitely be pulling an all-nighter for this one.

I’ll have more pictures of the set-up process to show you tomorrow, but for now, tell me….

What was the most exciting transformation you have ever created or witnessed?