The Secret to Creating a One of a Kind Event


I am looking forward to next Thursday when I teach a Learning Annex course in New York. I want to thank all of you for your great suggestions on what to discuss during these speeches.

I have been asked: What is the one thing you have consistently sold to your clients over the past 30 years?

The answer is simple. I have worked diligently to create one of a kind events.

I’ll go a step further. In this blog I constantly talk about the importance of being different, not better–just different than others.

So, my hope and goal is to always continue the journey of reinventing what I have already done and give you a glimpse of how that is done.

I’ll also cover a very important business lesson: The key to success and endurance.

I’d like to thank all of you who are coming to my class.

To say, “Thank you,” I will be offering a one hour free consultation in my office in New York to one of my Learning Annex students. (We’ll hold a drawing for this selection.)

If it’s just you and me talking in my office in what is the ONE issue you would address?