The Power of Gratitude


Dear Readers,

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, I have been reflecting on the blessings, people and opportunities that I am grateful to have (and have had) in my life.  We live in a fast-paced world that too often encourages us to focus on what we are lacking in our lives, and chasing the carrot, so to speak, can become somewhat addictive.  This is especially true for artists who are constantly trying to achieve “bigger and better” designs in a deeply competitive industry.

I have found that meditating on gratitude is a wonderful way to quiet the noise and calm my spirit. It always leaves me feeling abundant and inspired, regardless of what challenges I am facing.  Today, I would like to encourage all of you to take a moment and count your blessings while sharing at least three things you are grateful for.  Please consider doing this regardless of where you live in the world.

I would like to close by saying how grateful I am to share this journey with all of you.  I find you all endlessly inspiring and truly enjoy your comments.