The Planner Is Demanding I Quit (And Has Issued A Threat If I Don’t!)



Dear Preston:

I am a florist who is presently working on a wedding with a planner who has given us a lot of jobs.  Unfortunately, the planner had a disagreement with her client and she was fired. Now, the planner is angry and wants us to quit the job. Worse, she is threatening to never use us again unless we quit. I think this is ridiculous and refuse to quit this job, but I wonder what you would do.


Dear Angry:

To me this is simple. What do you value more, your principals or getting more work? I agree there is such a thing as loyalty and I am sure the planner has a very good reason to ask that you let this job go. I do not have all of the details, but perhaps the client in question mistreated her so badly that she is angry or somehow threatened her in some way. I think that you should ask the planner to explain why she is so emphatic that you quit before simply assuming it is out of spite. That said, a few years back, I produced a job and was fired because of my budgets. I was so disappointed but I never for a moment thought to ask the vendors that I hired to quit the job.

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