The Path To Success

Preston Bailey Designs Cocoon, Zurich Switzerland

Preston Bailey Designs Cocoon, Zurich Switzerland

Dear Readers:

Many times I am asked, “What’s the best way to become a successful event designer?”, and my answer is the same: “By loving what you do, doing business with your heart, and giving your best to each and every client.”

The truth is that there is no straight path that works for everyone. At 30 years old, after modeling and living a life very different than the one I live now, I was desperate for a job and in a mindset that was focused on survival. After making the decision to follow my passion, and with the help of a few good friends and mentors, I found my way on the design map and approached each and every day with the desire to give my best and have fun. As with any career (and life) there were challenging times, joyful moments, concerns, and trumps.  My point is this: When you stay true to yourself and your art, and you conduct your business (and life) with integrity and honor, you are successful. This starts to come when you accept this and understand how to value your work and what you are offering your clients.

Use the fire ignited by your passion to guide you as you follow your heart on its journey, with twists and turns that are unique to you.

Please share with me how a stop on your life’s timeline felt like a setback but was really part of a bigger plan.

Keep moving,


(Photo Cocoon, Zurich Switzerland courtesy of Nimbra)



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