The Only Inspiration I Need: Love


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Dear Readers:

People always ask me what inspires me. The answer is simple: love, and all its fruits. It’s so remarkable to see what one can do when you do things with love. It all starts there. If you stop for a second you’ll notice that love is the foundation of everything that is good and real. The word love is overused on a daily basis, but it is the fuel that keeps us going. Where would we be without it? It is through love that this magnificent industry is able to take someone’s dream and turn it into an actual plan that ultimately becomes everyone else’s inspiration. Think about that for a moment. Love refuels your soul, your heart, and your mind instantaneously. This week I was reminded of an article I read where a very dear friend said: “If I can’t do something with love then I just won’t do it”. This immediately resonated with me. Why, you ask? Well because every once in a while this fast paced industry makes us wonder: What is it that gets me through the worst moments while on the job? Why do I not care about working ridiculous hours to make things perfect? Why am I willing to go above and beyond the call of duty? Why do I keep coming back for more even if clients seem unappreciative? Why does making someone else happy matter so much to me? It’s simple, you are passionate about what you do and this passion ignites your work. If you have had a rough week or if you asked yourself any of these questions lately yet you continue to do the work without regrets, then you know that it’s all because of love. We couldn’t do without it. You, my friend, love to serve and this is your purpose.

With a happy heart,


Photo courtesy of Kismis Ink Photography Kathy Romero is the Director of Wedding Planning For Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.