The Most Outrageous Statements Ever Uttered by Guests At a Wedding


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Dear Readers:

Having been in this business for as long as I have, it’s no surprise that I have heard some of the funniest (and meanest) things imaginable from wedding guests. Today, I thought I would share some of the most outrageous statements uttered by those who were sure no one was listening.

“I cannot wait for them to cut the cake; this is one boring wedding!”

“How can the designer sleep at night after cutting down so many trees for this event? He should be fined!”

“I can see the bride clearly starved herself; she looks great. She looks like she could eat a steak though.”

“The mother clearly dislikes her daughter, otherwise she would have never worn that red dress to her daughter’s wedding.”

“All of these flowers? For what? There is no counting for good taste.”

“What a waste of food! Who are they trying to impress with this excess?”

“I have heard of nouveau cuisine, but these dinner portions are ridiculous! I am starving!”

“This band clearly thinks that if they keep playing very loudly, we won’t realize how bad they really are.”

“Why are they serving dog food at their wedding?”

And my personal favorite:

“Of course it’s a Preston Bailey event; someone should tell this man that more is not always better.”

Just a friendly reminder for the next time you are at an event and are about to say something nasty, do not forget that you are a guest and someone may be listening.

Question: Are you outraged by any of these comments or do you agree with any of them? What’s the most outrageous thing you have heard at an event?



(Photo Courtesy of Behance)