The Moods of Mother Nature


Preston Bailey, New York City

Dear Readers,

As most of you might know already, I am getting married this Wednesday at midnight here in New York City, where we have just faced a blizzard and now heavy rain. The result: Lots of slush, traffic, and commuter delays.

My years in the event business have taught me to plan for everything from vendor delays to breakdowns, but I remain the most cautious of Mother Nature. In fact, I was doing a wedding a few years back in Palm Springs where we had to cancel the event three days prior as a result of a hurricane hitting Florida. This was not an easy fete. Due to the tons of flowers and other costs, my client wound up spending nearly double as a result of the cancellation.

I am sure many of you can imagine the kind of panic I felt yesterday when I woke up and saw the weather forecast. Over a foot of snow would be falling on New York, and airlines were delaying flights. Mind you, many of my guests are flying in from Europe, Indonesia, South America and many other cities across the US to attend our wedding. A few of my guests are still stranded in different cities due to these cancellations. I am grateful to the weather gods that my wedding is this week and not last weekend. I am hoping that most of my guests will arrive today and tomorrow, safely, for the big night. As the weather continues to clear up (fingers crossed), I recognize the lesson in the situation. I was driving myself crazy about the details of my event when Mother Nature decided to swoop in and remind me that I needed to let God take over. I have double-checked all of the details, and from now until Wednesday, I have decided to simply let go and go with the flow. After all, I have the best team helping me bring our wedding to life. To all of my friends who have arrived safe and sound: Welcome to New York City. I am truly sorry for the weather inconvenience.

Question: If you are in the event business, do you think you could ever actually let go and go with the flow? Am I kidding myself? Should I even bother trying?

Stay warm, dry and safe!



(Photo Courtesy of Indulgy)