The Menu For My Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear Readers,
Happy Tuesday!  I am finally back home in New York and working hard to get ready to host the  76 guests who will be attending my annual dinner.  It’s a busy and special time for me.  So many of the people I love coming together under one roof, sharing food, swapping stories, and creating memories.  Is there anything better?
My sister is hard at work, making preparations for a Panamanian feast, and the menu looks incredible!  Here is what she has decided on:
  • Arroz con Pollo
  • Bollos
  • Green mango Salad
  • Platano maduros
  • Zarzuelas
  • Her classic fried chicken
  • The best potato salad I have ever had in my life!
  • Pineapple upside down cake for dessert
In  order to allow for more room for decorations, I have decided to make the dinner “family style” and have a long buffet table (I know, I am selfish).  I am still deciding if we should create two long tables or sit everyone at one.  One thing is for certain, the kids will sit with the adults and will be treated the same.  As a child, I never appreciated being sat at a “kids table”.
I spoke to my content editor, and she told me one of her favorite recipes was Moist Medjool Dates Stuffed With Goat Cheese.  I thought it might be nice for all of us to share our favorite “easy recipe” with one another.
Thank you all so much for reading and sharing your own experiences.  I am truly grateful to share this space with you.