The Magical World of Tents


Dear Readers:

I am so pleased to share this tent entrance that we designed for an event we executed this past weekend. I love the look of projections and candles, and just working with tents in general. Unfortunately, there are times when clients take a lot of convincing when it comes to appreciating the fact that entrance design is as important as the decorations guests will find inside. Fortunately, this client understood right away that the first impression can easily set the entire mood for the event.  I have worked in thousands of venues around the world and I can easily say that tents are my absolute favorite venue to work in. I feel like a painter who has been presented with a blank canvas and given Carte blanche to create a magical world for my clients and their guests. Though this world usually exists only a day or two, it’s the most humbling and rewarding feeling to see the sense of wonder and joy on their faces as they enter an entirely new space. I really know I have done my job when they don’t want to go home.

Today, I would like to quiz you. When working with tents, where do you spend most of your budget (and why?)
A. Decorating the entrance
B.  Draping the inside of tent with fabric
C. Tables and flowers
Yesterday’s answer:  Vandas Orchids. My clients love the deep purple color.
Note: Be sure to check back for more photos from this weekend’s big event which I will be posting.