The Key To A Creative Industry Is To Empower One Another


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Dear Readers:

I have long run my business on the idea that I would only hire people I could learn something from. Though I will always have input and lead the company, I truly believe that the most valuable thing a person can do for another human being is to leave them feeling empowered. When just starting, new staff members tend to be a little nervous about taking the initiative, but they quickly learn that as a part of my team, they will play an active role in the progression of the company.

I think as leaders and business owners, we have a real opportunity to create an innovative and exciting culture for our staff which will not only boost morale but also help us build a much stronger business. Remember that we work in an artistic field, and just because our names are on the door doesn’t mean that we are the only creative ones. The florists, designers, editors and other staff members who apply to work with us also have passions, inspiration and something of real value to offer. Allowing them an area to shine is not something to be threatened by, but instead the best way to create a show stopping team that will bring value to your clients in a number of ways.

I want to encourage all of you to take a moment today and acknowledge what your staff and colleagues bring to the table. Let them know how much you appreciate what they do as much (if not more) than giving them constructive criticism. Have a little fun with them (I have a game with my editor where we try and “beat” one another by catching the change in social media numbers as they happen. It let’s her know that I am watching and taking an interest in what she does).

Let’s make the rest of 2016 all about building one another up and creating the most empowered and creative community we can. How will you pay it forward today?